Gary has lived a life full of action and positive charm and you can't help but catch the bug when you are around him. If anyone could move mountains by the intensity of their thoughts, it's Gary. For many years Gary has recognized that there are some people that seem to have lived a charmed life. These people become the Da Vinci's of today. They perceive life and it's complexities as challenges rather than seeing the mountains too high to climb in front of them. These charmed people don't wait for help, they don't give up and failure is not in their vocabulary. Gary considers that there may be a formula to get folks on the right track. He researches and talks to people, gets into his own deep thoughts and stays active. He doesn't let "Grass grow under his feet." And that's when getting your SNGear came as a whisper and is now a growing endeavor to Motivate and Inspire people "Put it in Gear". SNGear is a polite way of saying DO IT! Listen to your inner dreams, thoughts and questions... give it a moment and it will build into something that you can turn into a reality.

SNGear is being developed, is trademarked and is an active online website where you can learn more about Gary Winter and his concept. Get it on the ground floor! Be a part of this "lifestyle brand company with a concise rule of conduct." There will be lots of ways to catch the wave as the ripples come by in merchandise, lectures, online activities, local events and more.

Corporations should pay close attention as SNGear has lots of positive attitude self adjustments built in. Create a stronger work force that stands behind you because they are motivated and inspired to do so. We all need to get our acts together to become empowered by self motivation and Gary can lead you there. He has a lot to say and a valuable seed of knowledge that can change your life and your workplace if you just take the time to hear his whisperings. You will see how this little ripple will turn into a wave of a more positive way of looking at the world around you and all of the amazing possibilities at your fingertips.

SNGear MP3

Get in Gear!

The music CD "Get Your SNGear" is available NOW along with a booklet to motivate and inspire you. Dance to it, sing to it or play it when you need a lift. It's catchy and is truly something that will get your feet tapping and your head moving to the beat.

SNGear Clothing

SNGear Apparel.

The first line of SNGear t-shirts are available NOW.