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The world seen through my eyes.

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Gary Winter, a working artist with a few thoughts that have changed my life as far back as I can remember and I know "it can change your life too!"

As a working artist/inventor for over 40 years with works in museums and homes of Presidents (Reagan and Carter) and thousands of collectors, I am often asked "How did you do that, where do you get your inspiration?" I am a lucky guy, I have learned to take my thoughts and bring them to light. Starting with the pencil and paper and then to reality.

A blog page will be up shortly. If you would like to discuss the creative process or product development e-mail me and I will be happy to answer your questions. If for any reason I can't answer your questions, I can refer you to other experts in their fields that I am in touch with.

Get your SNGear.

S = Success


Let me break this down for you.

If you're looking for a way to make your dreams come true and just don't know where to start, SNGear can be your starting point. Realize that there are 8 sequential steps to create anything and everything.

  • Think - Choose your thoughts wisely. Everything in this world started with a thought.

  • Listen - Inspiration arrives as a whisper. Block out the shouts of your ego. Listen to your deep inner thoughts.

  • Dream - Always dream wisely, it is the result of your imagination.

  • Imagine - This is where dreams begin, open the door wide and anything is possible.

  • Focus - Do not waste time or energy in reverse gear. Focus forward on your success.

  • Believe - Do not contemplate the "can'ts". Keep you eyes on your dream.

  • Visualize - The art of building a mental equivalent of your dreams. Detail, detail, detail.

  • Meditate - A quieting of the mind.


SNGear MP3

Get it in Gear!

The music CD "Get Your SNGear" is available NOW along with a booklet to motivate and inspire you. Dance to it, sing to it or play it when you need a lift.


Hundred Dollar Bill

100 Dollar Bill

You gotta keep on tappin' if you wanna make a buck! Check out our latest SN Gear video; the creation of the one hundred dollar bill nail sculpture.